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The Onyx & Arrow Mission

To bring love, compassion and positivity into the future. With each session and wedding, not only do we get to have fun and create beautiful photos that you’ll cherish forever, a portion will be donated to a different charity each month. Want to know more? Click the link below!



Why I love what I do

One of my favorite things about my job is being able to share the story of love through a lens and being able to freeze time for just a split second. Pretty much capturing the moments that will make you ugly cry from being so happy when you look back on the memories. Click the link to see more of my favorite images!




The one behind the lens

My name is April - I’m a wife, a soon to be mama to my son (only a few more weeks until his due date!), a dog, cat and bird mom, and a human being that just wants to do good in the world. Curious to know more about me? Click the button below!

I asked what was my clients favorite thing about working with me was and here were some of the amazing responses

Kaytee Wilcox

“YOU are such a genuinely, kind person that made me feel so comfortable in my own skin <3”

Lindsey Wiley

“You are so much fun, practically the sweetest human ever AND your pictures are awesome.”

Mackenzie Runnels

“You were so excited for us and made us feel comfortable! And your pics are gorgeous.”

Norma Mangione

“Too many things! Your patience, sweetness, skills and flexibility <3”


Where there is love, there is life.