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One of my favorite photos of me with my six month baby bump :)



My name is April (or you can call me any other month, I respond to all) and I'm the one behind the lens and the brand of Onyx & Arrow. I’m based out of Las Vegas but originally from Lake Arrowhead, CA. I LOVE Las Vegas very, very much. I owe everything I have to this city - my husband, our baby on the way, my pups, my career, and friends who have become family all were possible because of moving here.   

My husband and I have been married since Nov. 2016 and our first baby boy, Kaiden, is due Feb. 2019 (I've never been so impatient and cannot wait to meet him!). I have quite a few animals - dogs, cats and a bird. If you are familiar with my Instagram profile, you’ll see pictures of them - mostly of the dogs because they’re total photo hams, they know how to look cute). I have an addiction to Dutch Bros Coffee - Black Forest Breve is my jam (I’ve been having my cup of lies called decaf while being pregnant but it’s going down with caffeine after he’s born). I could eat breakfast at every meal if it was possible. I’m obsessed with I Love Lucy and Bob’s Burgers. And I’m a chatter box, I talk way too much but you’ll always have a good laugh when you’re with me.

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